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aed.1501-05F Switch- Ign. key type/11 blade design Crank start Upgrade for D series Tractors w/plug 12V


This switch is our 40 amp rated, 11 bladed key crank Monster. This is the switch we offer as an optional switch in the "D" series Tractors to replace that silly whimpy Garden Tractor switch that AC had in the dash to try do the job a real switch can handle. No wonder so many "D" series Tractors wiring was so cobbled up and burnt up all the time! This switch eliminates any overloading that may be put on the "D" series wiring systems. This switch also comes with a matching plug and female connectors, so each circuit snaps into its own position instead of being "stacked" on top of other connectors. 11 blades to handle the circuitry which includes one grounding blade. Not 4 blades like OEM and a pile of wires stacked up on the back of the switch. To light of a switch, + age + corrosion= resistance which equates to heat! Which relates to switch and wiring going up in smoke. Not healthy for an electrical system. Put this puppy in and the problems are over...

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