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ada.1501-01A Switch-Magneto Kill Push/Pull style 1 terminal self grounding Ivory or Black knob 6V


AC used both a single self grounding Magneto kill switch and also a replacement 2 terminal kill switch. This is a replacement single terminal kill switch that came on a lot of the earlier Tractors. These switches came in OEM boxes that had gotten wet at one time, and the switches got a little funky looking even though they're NOS. We cleaned them up a bit to make them look more presentable. These are new old stock switches that work fine.

B&B TECH TIP:  When mounting this switch into the instrument panel, make sure where this switch mounts is clean and free of paint or rust! This switch is self-grounding, and needs to use the instrument panel to ground and kill the Magneto.

Limited stock on this item! Please call before ordering to make sure we still have em' in stock!

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